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Finding your Steyn family

also: Steijn, Stein, Steen, Stey, Steyl, Steyne

This web site contains information on the Steyn family of South Africa. Present day Steyn's are either of Dutch or German descent through the male lineage.

The information contained in this site was compiled from many different sources which were not checked in depth. There may thus be many errors. The pages are put on the internet as a source of information, but also to invite you to submit information which may assist to complete this family history. The original purpose of the research of this lineage was to obtain historical genetic information.

The surname Steyn has different spellings in historical records. The Dutch surname was commonly spelt Steijn and the German was spelt Stein. There were no common spelling conventions established by Academies as we have today, so spelling variations were common in the past. What contributed to this is that illiteracy was high, and officials or secretaries did most of the writing, such as registration of new citizens. When peoples of foreign origin registered their names, these scribes often wrote names as they heard them in their own language. In countries such as the USA and South Africa where individuals of many different origins came together, names and surnames were spelt at the discretion of the secretary -- who were not even always consistent in their own writings.

How to find your name

There is no search facility on this site. However, there is an alphabetical index with names, birth dates and names of fathers. You may start with the indeces above.

Alternatively, if you know the date of birth or date of baptism before births were registered, you can type in the date -- which serves as a filename.

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is the file name for Gabriel Pieter Steyn, son of Johannes Steyn.

zeros are important!
so March must be typed as 03



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