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Genealogical conventions follow male lineages, which is not genetically significant. Ideally all female lineages should be included, but that will have to wait for a later stage for this data.

Generations are numbered alphabetically. The 2nd generation is thus indicated with the letter b. This table shows you how alphabetical characters correspond to numbers. Numbers after alphabet characters indicate the order of birth. So the lineage location b3 means the third child of the second generation.

By stating these in a chain, it is relatively easy to find the position of an individual in the lineage. In the files which contain details of individuals full chains are give, for example

b3 c1 d1 e2 f3

Interpret this as:
Generation 2 (ie b), child 3
Generation 3 (ie c), child 1
Generation 4 (ie d), child 1
Generation 5 (ie e), child 2
Generation 6 (ie f), child 3

Here is a table for quickly looking up the numbers of alphabet letters:

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11
a b c d e f g h i j k

Order of information

The order of information in the alphabetical indeces is as follows.

Child names Date: birth/baptism Child lineage location Father lineage location Father name Father dates
Anna Petronella Christina 1839.05.27- d8 c2 Hendrik ~1790.11.18-1875.04.14


The following international date format is followed:

Year Month Day
1839 05 27

Note that there is a zero to complete the digit set. This format allows filenames to be sepcified as 1839-05-27.htm which makes managing the site better, finding unknown information quicker, and a consistent format.



The following symbols are used:

Symbol Meaning
a...m (alphabet letters) generation from arrival at Cape of Good Hope
1...9 (number) birth order of children
x married
~ baptised


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