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Louis Fourie

Arrive at Cape in 1688 - died 1750


Louis Fourie fled from the province Dauphiné (France) with the Hugenots first to Holland then to the Cape of Good Hope. A group of Hugenots left the Amsterdam congregation on the ship Walloon on 1687.12.21. He started farming in the Wagenmakersvallei (Wellington). Later he farmed on Zeekoedrift at the Gourits river. He died in 1750 on the farm Slange Rivier.

In the register of Drakenstein his name is sometimes given as Florit.

Louis Fourie was married twice

  1. Susanna Cordier, died 1715
  2. Anna Jourdain ~1699.12.30, daughter of Pierre Jourdain.

Origin of the surname

The French surnames Fourie and Fourier could be translated into English as forager. These names indicated the occupation of the first people known by that name. They were probbaly merchants dealing in hay and other forage for livestock.

Life in France

Towns developed in other European countries, especially the low countries (Holland, Vlaandere), but in France the majority of the population lived on farms and in small villages. Most of the Hugenot refugees were farmers.

Notable French Fouries

Albert Auguste Fourie was a 19th century painter and sculptor. He illustrated for an edition of Flaubert's Madame Bovary.

Fouries were found in Provence in France between the Rhone River and Italy. Other surnames of this area are:

To the west of the Rhone in Languedoc surnames are:

To the north of Pontaix and Grenoble in Dauphine are:

At the Cape

Louis became a farmer in the Wagenmakersvallei (Wellington). On 1699.02.28 he received a grant for the land he called De Slange Rivier where he lived until his death in 1750. He also owned the farm Zeekoedrift on the Gouritz River.

An inventory for his estate was filed in 1750.


Louis Fourie was married twice and had 21 children.

Louis Fourie and his first wife, Susanna Cordier, daughter of Louis Cordier, had 10 children. She died about 1715.

  1. b1 Susanna ~1694, on 1742.12.06 married Jan Nel, then Christiaan Ernst Schutte
  2. b2 Francois ~1696.09.04 (Paarl)
  3. b3 Maria ~1698.10.26 (Paarl)
  4. b4 Martha ~1701.03.27 (Paarl), on 1720.05.05 married Pieter Lombard
  5. b5 Gideon ~1701.03.27
  6. b6 Louis ~1703
  7. b7 Sara ~1705.11.29, married Adriaan van Wyk
  8. b8 Elisabeth ~1708.04.29
  9. b9 Jacobus ~1710.01.01
  10. b10 Marcus ~1713.05.14

Louis Fourie and his second wife, Anna Jourdain, daughter of Pierre Jourdain, had 11 children.

  1. b11 Pieter ~1717.02.07
  2. b12 Anna ~1718.06.05, on 1736.08.12 married Pieter Jacobus
  3. b13 Maria ~1720.12.08
  4. b14 David ~1722.09.27
  5. b15 Johannes ~1724.10.29
  6. b16 Pieter (Petrus) ~1726.09.08
  7. b17 Marcus Anthonius ~1728.07.11
  8. b18 Susanna ~1730.05.07
  9. b19 Joseph ~1732.03.02
  10. b20 Stephanus ~1734.10.17
  11. b21 Jonathan ~1738.06.08

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