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Music for your Wedding


Make your wedding special with special music
Jacques Steyn performs music in many different styles - for your taste. He has performed in the State Theatre, National Arts Festivals, TV, radio, festivals and other occasions for many years. He sings in many different styles, accompanying himself with keyboard or guitar, depending on the song, on top of background music he arranged and recorded. He does the DJ-thing too.

Music styles vary from ballads, pop rock, cross-over classics, music theatre, cabaret, jazz and blues - in short, lots of music from the past 50 years.

Member of SAMRO.

Create your playlist

Let me help you choose your live performed music from a playlist of 300+ popular songs. Or you may prefer my DJ playlist. Here is a list of some of the artists whose songs are performed live. The list of artists is much, much longer... hit songs from the 1950s to today!

Mix and match music styles so that both you and your guests can enjoy a great experience at your wedding.


Live music is much better for a special atmosphere. But you may prefer the DJ thing. Let us put our heads together to create a great playlist for the enjoyment of all your guests.


Music to dance to can be performed live, or you may choose the DJ thing. To keep all your guests entertained, music from many different dance styles from different eras can be performed from free style (do your own thing) to closed dancing (partners dance closely). Dance music styles range from rock, the twist and bop, to two-step, salsa, rhumba and more.

Your special song

Let me arrange and sing your special song in a special way for you...

Contact us

Let us discuss your music plans and create a playlist that will meet all your needs and satisfaction
- that will make you happy and give your guests a great time!

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